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Published on Jan 06, 2020

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When deciding to do my own thing, I thought a lot about what would define the people I might work with. I was very clear about working with people I like, ie. those who pass the "would I enjoy a coffee/beer/wine with them" test, but liking them doesn't mean they are a good fit as a client? After some reflection I landed on these questions:

  • For leaders of businesses – do they truly want to grow WITH their people and not THROUGH their people? Do they visualise their success standing alongside their current and future team-mates?
  • For individuals – are they ready to embrace their personal development priorities and be open, vulnerable and self-reflective while doing so?

These points were never better illustrated in a workshop I facilitated before Christmas with the wonderful Kylee de-Blecourt and her team at Potentia Recruitment. Thanks to the brilliant work of Jeremy Dean, we used the The Emotional Culture Deck to help the team better understand how they want and don't want to feel at work. Kylee and her team are committed to working WITH each other and to building strong, trusting relationships that will help to create the vulnerability necessary for personal/team growth. 2020 could be a cracker for Potentia in Wellington!

Happy New Year!


The Emotional Culture Deck